Where is the site?

The golf course is located at 1825 Pittwater Road, Bayview. The clubhouse faces Pittwater Road, with the course located to the west of the clubhouse. The proposed seniors housing will be located along Cabbage Tree Road, Bayview and forms part of the Bayview Golf Course site

What will happen to Bayview Golf Course?

The holes on the north-western side of Cabbage Tree Road will be moved to accommodate the proposed seniors housing development, whilst ensuring an 18-hole golf course remains. The proposed buildings will be set back from the course and appropriately screened to not impact on the golf course’s operations and local residents.

How many apartments will there be?

There will be 85 apartments, in seven separate buildings, each three storeys high.

How big would the apartments be?

The 85 apartments will include a combination of 2 and 3 bedroom apartments ranging from 100 sqm to 170 sqm.

What is the size of the seniors housing development?

The development site is 2 hectares (20,000m2). It will be subdivided from the Bayview Golf Course to facilitate the Seniors Housing development.

What will it look like?

Waterbrook prides itself on high quality development, with high levels of amenity, facilities and landscaping. The development will include a series of accessible pathways, and lift access will be provided from the basement car parking areas to all residential levels of the development.

Why are two development applications being submitted?

To gain approval for the development and golf course upgrade, Waterbrook is in the process of developing two Development Applications (DAs) to be submitted to Northern Beaches Council. Th DAs include:

  • DA 1 – A Concept Proposal that will gain approval for the development of the site, supported by a detailed DA to gain approval for the golf course upgrade works
  • DA 2 – A detailed DA to gain approval for the Seniors Housing component.

What will the concept proposal development application (DA1) include?

The Concept Proposal Development Application will seek approval for:

  • Golf course layout reconfiguration, earthworks, revegetation, flood mitigation works, new sealed pathways and equipment storage facility.
  • A seniors housing development comprising of
    • Seven separate buildings of predominantly 3-4 storeys in height for the purposes of 95 in-fill self-care dwellings with ancillary services and facilities;
    • Vehicle access to the development;
    • Basement level car parking for 192 vehicles;
    • Associated landscaping and public domain improvements; and
    • Extension and augmentation of physical infrastructure utilities as required.

What environmental assessments have been undertaken?

An Environmental Assessment (EA), which supports the proposal, has been undertaken by Anne Clements and Associates. Based on the findings of the EA the following components have been incorporated into the proposals for the site:

  • The development on the Club’s land will seek to improve and enhance conservation values and links.
  • Landscaping will provide enhanced conservation linkage; and reduce the frequently of flooding on the golf course and adjoining residential land.
  • The application will adhere to the environmental setting and conservation requirements outlined in Councils Local Environmental Plan and Development Control Plan. This will include:
    • Enhancing the conservation value of the the original floodplain vegetation and rainforest, with emergent eucalypts in the north-west;
    • Enhancing the conservation linkages on the land;
    • Protecting the re-establishment of local native vegetation; and
    • Enhancing water quality on the onsite catchment including drainage ways and wetlands flowing via Cahill Creek to the waters of Pittwater.

What technical studies will be undertaken as part of the development application?

To accompany the development application, the following reports have been prepared by specialists:

  • Architectural drawings
  • Site Survey
  • Accessibility Report
  • Environmental Assessment / Ecology Report
  • Visual Impact Assessment
  • Flooding Report
  • Bushfire Assessment
  • Environmental Site Assessment (Contamination)
  • Geotechnical and Acid Sulphate Soils Assessment
  • Traffic Report
  • Landscape Plans
  • Golf Course Design Statement
  • Waste Management Plans
  • Subdivision Plans
  • Civil Engineering Drawings and Report
  • Construction Management Plan
  • Construction Traffic Management Plan
  • Water Management Report
  • Golf Course Management Plan
  • Noise / Acoustic Report
  • Arborist Report
  • Urban Design Analysis

What environmental measures are being put in place?

A vegetation restoration strategy has been developed which aims to increase the size and connectivity of the conservation linkages and ecological sustainability of the golf course. The strategy is expected to result in the revegetation of 5.66 hectares of land. The revegetation works seek to:

  • Re-establish natural soil levels to provide habitat for the native plants;
  • Rehabilitate and expand the existing native vegetation onsite in the west and adjoining Cabbage Tree Road, and offsite along the adjoining Pittwater and Cabbage Tree Roads;
  • Move the maintenance facilities from the floodplain to higher ground to protect them from flooding and provide additional flora and fauna habitat;
  • Connect the existing waterbodies with the downstream natural waterway of Cahill Creek and restore the associated vegetation to mimic that of natural ecosystems;
  • Maintain and build a series of weirs to protect the freshwater habitat from saltwater intrusions; and
  • Reduce and mask existing sewer odour on the south boundary adjacent to the 10th Fairway by providing additional habitat for bats with the planting of Fig trees.

What flood mitigation measures are being proposed?

A Flooding Report was prepared by Cardno in November 2015. This identified the golf course and surrounding land as ‘flood prone land’. Extensive flood rehabilitation works are proposed across the golf course to mitigate the impacts of the development and improve the existing poor conditions.

The rehabilitation works will include:

  • Additional flood storage to enhance conservation linkages;
  • Landscaping to improve playability of the course following rain events and to decrease water flowing onto neighbouring lands, especially those fronting Parkland Road.
  • Amendments to the lower golf course (south of Cabbage Tree Road) to create a more natural creek line through the golf course, including tree planting along the creek to improve the passage of fauna. Tree planting along the creek will offset any proposed tree removal works.

What will the traffic impact be on Cabbage Tree Road and the local road network?

A preliminary traffic analysis was prepared by Transport and Traffic Planning Associates, as part of the Site Compatibility Certificate Application. This report considered road access, sight distance, driveway design, car park design and service vehicle access. This report concluded that the preliminary development plans indicate adequate, appropriate and convenient access, and the site is suitable for the proposed development in terms of traffic and parking.

It is considered that potential traffic implications of the proposal can be adequately managed. A full traffic assessment is currently being developed as part of the Concept Proposal DA.

What will the visual impact of the development be like?

A visual impact assessment report was prepared by Virtual Ideas, as part of the Site Compatibility Certificate Application. This identifies that the senior housing development will not result in an undue visual impact when viewed from its surrounds, and that the proposal is sympathetic with the scale of its surrounds when viewed from key vistas.