Support your club and Northern Beaches seniors

This is a critical time in the planning process, and we call upon all members of the Northern Beaches community to help in securing a long-term sustainable future for Bayview Golf Club.

By clicking the link clicking here.

You are able make a submission to Northern Beaches Council to write your thoughts/ comments on the proposed development and upgrade.

The points we feel are important include:

  • Securing the long-term viability of the club
  • Improvement to the playability of the course, reducing the number of days the course is unplayable
  • Significant reduction of flooding on the course
  • Construction of much needed seniors housing of which there is a shortage in the Northern Beaches, allowing opportunities for locals to choose seniors housing in Bayview in areas close to communities to which they belong
  • Economic benefits of the proposal to the club and businesses in the locality, creation of jobs
  • Significant vegetation strategy which will increase native vegetation over the golf course
  • Reputable developer, operator and architect with demonstrated track record of delivering high quality development
  • Much better design than existing seniors living in Bayview